Long Space prides itself in not taking commission from the hard work of artists - you made the work, so you collect the profit from that work if it sells during an exhibit in the space. The only exception to that is if a work sells through our website (see below).

There is no official application to spend your precious time on, simply email Exhibitions with a photo sample of the work you wish to exhibit and the dates you are after to discuss availability.

If you want us to sit your exhibit for you, you can hire our people and our bar: Bar Athena, has very affordable house alcohol and is a cool place to simply hang out. Look out for our Saturday night Art Bars coming up in the next few months.

Featuring our main long wall

Featuring our main long wall

Long Space Gallery Hire

Long Space has a special deal going for our exhibition space until July 4th 2019. We’re giving away our space at below cost for $400/week. After our prize exhibition finishes on July 21st, we will be pushing our hire rates back up by only $50 to $450/week.

This is a no frills hire: you determine your own opening hours and you sit the gallery.

You must provide your own PL for your own work, and must provide a certificate of currency as part of the booking process.

Whilst we support you to cater your own opening, you may not, at any time, provide your own alcohol - Long Space is a licensed venue. Please check out our bar options for openings below.

Our space dimensions:

Main Wall: 15.7m long with hanging rails
Wall facing windows 2.6m x 2.4m
Side wall: 3.5m
Shop Windows x 2 each 2.2x2m plus standard glass door.
Transparency light boxes: 2 at 0.5x2.2
Plus we have multiple chains to hang from the ceiling, 3 plinths resident in the gallery and a variety of uses for the coreflute studio walls - if you want to use projection through these please chat to us.
We also have black drapes to black out the space if required and tracklighting.


Hire Our People

We understand that artists have busy lives (us included) and may need to hold down a day job, so if you need to, chat to us about hiring responsible and trustworthy people to sit your show if you can’t do so yourself. Just let us know the hours you would like to open and give us a breakdown of your works, and we will schedule people for you.

Our staff cost $40/hr with a 3 hour minimum/day. This case be easily added onto your gallery hire if requested.


Bar Athena

Yes we are licensed! (Well, we currently hold a temporary licence until a permanent licence comes through).

This means we sadly can’t let you bring your own drinks into our venue, but happily, our drinks are ridiculously cheap anyway. Bar Athena has very affordable house alcohol at $5/glass of wine/beer, or the more expensive stuff if you wish. Feel free to ply your opening night guests with alcohol by putting money behind our bar or if you are feeling like your pockets hold more holes than coin, let people purchase their own alcohol and spend your money on cheese. Up to you.


Saturday Night Art Bars (coming soon!)

Open your art to more than just your opening. Saturday night Art Bar Club will soon be available for soirees and will be a hub for locals for a quiet drink and some art appreciation. Please feel free to join us when they begin.


Single Night Event Hires

Want to hire us for an intimate event? Readings? Talks? Workshops? Classes? Just come chat to us. We have a sliding scale for funded and unfunded groups, so let us know what you are after and we’re happy to accommodate.


Website Product Shop

If you would like to help sell your work online, we have a commerce page available on our LongSpace website and we will be happy to upload your listing and sell your work on there for you, but sadly there are fees (not ours - how annoying!) and a commission (ours) associated with this sales service. Feel free to add those fees on top of your product sale to your web listed price, and don’t forget postage and handling fees if you need it. You must be responsible for your postage and handling - we cannot do this for you.

Website Rates

Listing: Free!!! That’s right. It costs nothing to list.
LongSpace Commission on sales through the website: 20%
plus Commerce Website Transaction fees: 3% of sale price
plus Merchant Fees (PayPal): 4.4% plus 0. 30 fixed fee for A$

Yay fees! Aren’t they just great??